Mobile Money

“Mobile money” is a quick, convenient and safe method of payment for the most popular services. You can pay for the utilities, Internet and TV, penalties, pay back a loan and many other things directly from your mobile phone.

Besides, “Mobile money” is a quick and simple way to transfer money to your relatives.

The money from your mobile account is used while paying the services.

Enter “Mobile money” portal at and make sure it is easy!



  • Pay your bills in a convenient place and in convenient time
  • You need only a mobile phone for payment
  • All the payments are available without registration


  • The service operates on-line
  • Save your time — make your patterns for regular payments and it will not be necessary to enter the duplicate information (telephone number, personal account, contract number etc.) any more. Choose the right pattern and make a payment.


  • The service is activated in all the subscribers per default (see Use limitations)
  • Intuitive „Mobile money” portal interface will allow even entry-level internet users making payments.


  • Kyivstar and „Kontraktovyi Dom” Financial Company take care of safety of making payments by monitoring the whole process from the moment of order till the transfer of money to the beneficiary.
  • Payment safety is ensured by information security protocols in Internet and generalization of once-only passwords while confirming the payment and entering a personal profile.

Core capabilities and how to use them

Pay for goods and services simply at WEB-portal

  • Utilities
  • Internet and TV
  • Payment for hosting provider services
  • Payment for Oriflame, Faberlic etc. orders
  • Credit card replenishment, settlement of accounts
  • Cash out from a mobile account

Full service list is available at

Use limitations

The service is available for all the Kyivstar prepaid subscribers.

Remaining balance after making payment — no less than UAH 10.

Maximum amount of a single payment — UAH 3,000.

Total amount of payments made within a month — UAH 10,000.

Technical specifications

Fund transfer service in favor of traders and beneficiaries is provided to Kyivstar subscribers by “Kontraktovyi Dom” Financial Company.

Service terms

Kontraktovyi Dom phone: +38 044 537 33 74. E-mail:

Tariffs and payment

If any fee is applied while paying for goods and services the information about the exact fee amount is provided before making a payment and before the payment confirmation.

Receiving SMS with a personal access password for your profile at portal and sending SMS with payment confirmation code to number 889 is free of charge.