Account Top Up by Credit Card

There are several ways of account replenishment with any amount using VISA/MasterCard payment cards:

To top up the account via the IVR-service, call 899, and following the instructions of a voice menu, replenish your or other subscriber’s account. The calls to 899 number are not charged, the commission is not withheld.Only Visa and MasterCard payment cards are served.

Kyivstar subscribers can replenish the Kyivstar mobile account or pay for the Home Internet service via the USSD menu.

Kyivstar subscribers can use the USSD-menu to replenish their mobile account and to pay for the Home Internet service.

To replenish your account you should register your Visa or MasterCard card, which will be used by 151#.

To top up the account, dial a combination *151# . In the menu displayed on your phone choose a service, which is to be replenished, insert your payment details (phone/personal account number, amount).

The service is free of charge, no commission is retained.

Please, note:If you are going to make payments exceeding 100 UAH you should go through additional verification by 151# and chouse menu.

Please, note:The Kyivstar does not hold any special events (offers or competitions) using the money transfer service and account top up codes. The subscriber takes the responsibility for using the money transfer service and for not disclosing top up codes to the third parties.