Kyivstar is No. 1 Mobile Operator and One of The Best Brands in Ukraine


The company began its history in Ukraine back in 1994. On December 9, 1997, the first call was made in the Kyivstar network.

Kyivstar today


Kyivstar is a leader in the market of mobile communications and fixed Internet services, the first converged solutions provider in Ukraine, also offering digital television services. The company's subscriber base includes about 26 million mobile customers and over 1 million fixed broadband Internet users.

Kyivstar offers innovative solutions based on Big Data, IoT, Cloud solutions, mobile financial services, etc. For business customers, the company offers unique services based on Office 360 products, Azure Stack, and virtual mobile PBX. The operator has created Kyivstar Open Telecom, an Open API platform offering the ability to use the carrier's analytic insights to develop new products and applications, as well as automate business processes.

Kyivstar is a part of VEON, one of the world's largest integrated telecommunication services companies, headquartered in the Netherlands. VEON operates in 9 telecommunication markets, serving 212 million subscribers. The company's stock are listed on NASDAQ (New York) and Euronext (Amsterdam).

Kyivstar has achieved significant success thanks to investments in the development of a mobile network that covers all large and small cities of Ukraine, as well as over 28,000 rural settlements, all major national and regional highways, along with most of the sea and river coasts. The company provides roaming services in 189 countries on five continents. As of August 2021, the company's 4G network covers the territory where 88.75% of Ukraine population lives. To provide its quality communication services, the telecom carrier has built Ukraine's-largest infrastructure, consisting of almost 40,000 base stations.

24 years of operation in Ukraine


Kyivstar is one of the twenty largest taxpayers in Ukraine and is the largest taxpayer in the country's telecom industry, having provided more than UAH 70 billion to the state budget in taxes and mandatory payments, as well as almost USD 5.4 billion in investments aimed for the development of the country's telecom infrastructure.

Investments in the telecommunications market of Ukraine make up a 45% share of all the company's capital expenditures. In 2020, Kyivstar's capital investments, together with the 4G license fees (UAH 6.4 billion), amounted to 1.3% of all capital investments in Ukraine.

The company develops innovative services, contributing to the development of Ukraine's telecom market, in line with its mission: Change Ukraine and create new opportunities for people.

In 1998, the company was the first to offer SMS service to its subscribers, and in 2000, it was the first to provide Internet access using WAP technology. Kyivstar was also the first to introduce bundle plans without the per-minute billing and the first to cancel the per-megabyte billing for the Internet services.

Kyivstar is invariably focused on the telecom market modernization and development of new mobile technologies in Ukraine. The company was the first among Ukraine telecom carriers to undertake a major improvement of its switched network in order to introduce high-speed mobile data transmission technologies. In order that all mobile operators are able to form continuous radio frequency bands for the launch of 4G technology, Kyivstar voluntarily gave the state part of the radio spectrum in the 1800 MHz and 900 MHz bands. This spurred the development of 4G technology in Ukraine and the implementation of July 08, 2019 Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 497 “On certain measures to improve mobile Internet access”.

Development directions


Every year, Kyivstar implements socially significant and charitable programs, being one of the largest taxpayers, the best employer in Ukraine, and the company with the strongest recognition in the telecommunications market.

As a Ukrainian company being part of the multinational VEON Group, Kyivstar shares the principles of responsible business and supports the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN General Assembly. In its operation, the company is guided by:

  • Goal 4: Quality Education
  • Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Goal 9: Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Goal 17: Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Kyivstar pays considerable attention to the social responsibility of business, implementing projects aimed at the development of Ukraine, , including:

  • Smartphone for Parents, an online mobile literacy school for the older generation
  • StopSexтинг, an information and educational portal about the danger for children on the Internet.
  • Kyivstar Business Hub, a project aimed to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship and technology skills in young people.
  • Children's Hope, a charity program based on SMS messages
  • Kid Search, a collaborative initiative with the National Police of Ukraine
  • The Innovation and Entrepreneurship program for the GoCamp children's educational camps
  • Active support for healthy lifestyle and volunteer initiatives