D-Jingle service allows replacing a common call set-up signal by a popular tune or joke to make the call set-up time more pleasant.

Your friends and partners, regardless of their mobile provider, location and phone model (even a fixed—line one), while calling you will hear the tunes or jokes chosen by you instead of the common call set-up signal.

Melodies instead of beeps

General Information

Order your favourite tune or a funny joke and D-Jingle service will be enabled automatically.

You don’t need any additional service settings in your phone!

You can order the tune or joke — d-jingle by one of the following ways:


  • at the service website or the updated website http://465.ua/
  • by calling 465


How to Use Service

  • D-jingles (ringtones) selection and purchase: You can select and listen to the most popular d-jingles by calling 465 or visiting the „Gallery” menu at the service website or the updated website http://465.ua/. Upon the d-jingle purchase you can setup its special functions: choose subscribers who will listen to it, set the specific time or record a greeting preceding the d-jingle.
  • D-jingle playback settings: You can set different d-jingles for different subscribers or subscribers groups as well as the time when the d-jingles shall sound. You can change settings at „Му D-Jingle Settings” menu, „D-Jingle Playback Settings” section by calling 465 , or at „My Profiles” section at the updated website http://465.ua/.
  • Management of purchased d-jingles: You can find all your purchased d-jingles with active validity period stored at „My D-Jingle Settings” menu, „My Gallery” section at the service website, at http://465.ua/pageor by calling 465 . If the d-jingle playback isn’t set up after the purchase and it isn’t played during the incoming call to you, you can always find it and make setting via this menu.
  • Shuffle playback: Make your friends happy with the variety of your music taste! Set up a randomized order of all the purchased d-jingles playing by sending the SMS message with the text „06” to 465 , or via „My D-Jingle Settings” menu by calling to 465 , or choose „My Gallery” menu and press „All D-Jingles Playing” at the updated website http://465.ua/. In this case all the people calling you will listen to different d-jingles from your gallery.
  • „I like it” function: You can assess your friends’d-jingles.You will hear the offer to assess the tune at the time it is played before you reach the subscriber. To mark the tune you like, please, press „*” button (asterix) at your mobile phone when you are listening to it.Your friend will be informed that you like his tune by SMS.The function is free of charge.
  • „Share” function: You canshare the news about the d-jingle you’ve just purchased with your friends!Visit the service page http://djingle.kyivstar.net or call 465 upon the d-jingle purchase to inform your friends about your new purchase by a text message.The singer’s name and the song you would like to share will be indicated in the SMS message.The function is free of charge. The list of friends who will receive the message is created automatically according to the defined criteria:only Kyivstar subscribers can be in this list.The subscribers who have communicated 6 (six) or more times during the last month with the subscriber, which has used Share function to inform the contacts about his new d-jingle, are automatically added to the list of friends.
  • D-jingle as a present: Favour your friend or colleague with a d-jingle as apresent.If your friend or colleague is a D-Jingle service user, the d-jingle will be added to his gallery. In this case he will be able to make all the settings regarding the time of playing and the contacts who will listen to it by himself. If your friend or colleague is not a D-Jingle service user, he shall send an empty SMS message to 465 to add the tune to his gallery during 24 hours upon receiving the d-jingle as a present. After that the presented d-jingle will be installed for all incoming calls at any time.
  • Record your own d-jingle: You can record your own d-jingle by selecting „Record Own Tune” menu (the function is available only if you call 465 ).
  • Copy other subscriber’s d-jingle: If you enjoy your friend’s d-jingle, you can get the same one in a quick and easy way.When you call your friend and listen to his d-jingle press „#” at your phone.You can also select „Copy Other Subscriber’s D-Jingle” menu by calling 465 or „My Gallery” menu, „D-Jingle Copy” section at the website and enter your friend’s number. You can visit a new page http://465.ua/ as well.
  • Order d-jingle by SMS-code: If you know the SMS d-jingle code, for example, you have seen it in a booklet, you can order it at "Tune Order by SMS-code, menu by calling 465 or via the search function at the service website.
  • Record your own voice greetings preceding the d-jingle: You can record one or several voice greetings which can sound before the tune playing.You can do it upon the tune purchase or at „My D-Jingle Settings” menu, „Set Personal Greeting Preceding the Tune Setting” section (the function is available only by calling 465 ).

Manage D-jingle service via SMS

To manage the service with the help of SMS you will need to send the following codes to 465 number (SMS are free-of-charge):

  • D-jingle search on artist name: 011 ХХХХХХ
    ХХХХХХ — artist name (typed in Latin symbols).
  • Purchase d-jingle: ХХХХХХ
    ХХХХХХ — 6—digitsd-jingle SMS-code, which can be seen on a site when selecting d-jingle.
  • Present d-jingle: 03 380YYYYYYYYY XXXXXX
    YYYYYYYYY — subscriber’s number starting from operator’s code, for example 671234567.
    ХХХХХХ — 6—digitsd-jingle SMS-code, which can be seen on a site when selecting d-jingle.
  • Set up default d-jingle: 09 ХХХХХХ
    ХХХХХХ — 6—digits SMS-code of purchased before d-jingle.
    Selected d-jingle will be played for all interlocutors if there are no other rules for them.
  • Delete melody from «My Gallery»: 013 ХХХХХХ
    ХХХХХХ — 6—digits SMS-code of purchased before d-jingle.
  • Set shuffle playback mode: 06
  • Temporary service deactivation: 08
    Please, note: By selecting this option you will be still charged for the service usage. If you want to turn off the service completely, send SMS containing 012 code to 465 number (SMS-message is free of charge).
  • Reactivate d-jingle service after temporary deactivation: 07
  • Deactivate service completely: 012
  • Help: 014


  • Service activation fee — UAH 0.00;
  • Service subscription fee — UAH 15 per month for contract subscribers, UAH 0.50 per day for prepaid subscribers;
  • downloading (copying) and continuing a melody/sound fee — from UAH 0.05 to 0.85 per day;
  • gift fee — from UAH 0,37 to 5,95 for 7 days, or 1,60 to 25,50 for 30 days (sender pays). Afterwards (in 7 or 30 days) a gift receiver pays for a melody usage;
  • a call to 465 fee — 0 UAH
  • message delivery to 465 fee — UAH 0.00.

In case if at the moment of the service subscription fee charging your personal account balance is less than the subscription fee to be charged, that day the service will be provided to you for a special fee that is equal to your balance amount.

The tariffs are indicated including all taxes and fees. If at the moment of charging the subscription fee for service using there are no costs at your personal account, that day the service will be not tariffed.

In case of non-payment the subscription fee for the service use during the period more than 31 days the service may be deactivated.
The melody validity period is 10, 31, 62 or 93 days depending on the melody. Choosing a certain melody by means of automatic voice menu at 465 you will hear its tariff and the validity period.
After the melody expiry date it will be prolonged automatically for the same period of time. You will be informed about the melody extension by SMS from 465 three days before the completion of the mentioned term. To refuse the melody prolongation, send an appropriate SMS-message to 465 and specify the mentioned code from the received SMS in its text.