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Do you like reading? We have launched Smart Content Store service (hereinafter referred to as the Service) for you. This electronic library provides you with the access to contemporary popular books and favourite from your childhood books of Ukrainian and Russian classics, including the works stipulated by the school program.

You can find there the works of Yuriy Andrukhovych, Oksana Zabuzko, Serhiy Zhadan, Vasyl Shkliar and other contemporary Ukrainian writers as well as the selected works of Lev Tolstoy, Nikolay Gogol, Aleksandr Pushkin, Fedor Dostoevskiy, Ivan Franko, Taras Shevchenko, Lesia Ukrainka, Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi and other famous classics.

Service Advantages

  1. “Read as much as you can!” — pay for subscription for commercial books once a week and read and listen to any books within the Service without any limitations. There are no any additional fees!
  2. “Free Classics” — read Ukrainian and Russian classics always free of charge. It is not a trick. It is a small contribution of Kyivstar and Service copyrighters into propagation of reading in Ukraine.
  3. “Try for free! Really for free)” — the first seven days, from the moment of service activation by a new user, the subscription for commercial books is provided for free. You can try the Service without paying a kopeck for it and cancel the Service free of charge any time! We remind you about termination of a free of charge period by SMS message the day before the first charging for subscription.
  4. “Do not pay for the Internet” — there is no fee for the Internet data transmission while using the Service on condition you have >correct settings (read below the information about correct settings for your device).
  5. “Support Ukrainian” — Your 2.98 UAH per week allow us creating a unique service for book lovers in Ukraine, support Ukrainian publishers and authors and make the basis for future Ukrainian electronic book publishing.

Service Settings

Automatic authorization in the Service depends on the peculiarities of your subscriber equipment. In some cases you will need to make authorization settings manually, as it is described below.

The Service registration allows you using your profile in future to get access to other Kyivstar entertaining and educational services, in particular to: App Club, Music Club and Video Club.

Please, note: The service re-activation fee is 7 UAH including VAT and excluding PF fee. Even if you cancel the Service during a free period, the free period will not be provided to you anymore.

Please, note: In case of the Service re-activation, you will be charged a fee for re-activation and weekly Service subscription fee.

  1. To activate the Service use the Service web-interface or send SMS to 2665. In some time you will receive a notification on Service activation. If you activate the Service for the first time – the first 7 days you will be able to use the Service for free and you can estimate its advantages. You can cancel the service any time.
  2. If you use the Mobile Internet from Kyivstar to access the Service, the authorization in the Service shall be done automatically. Authorization does not mean your agreement to pay for access to commercial books. Even if you are not subscribed to the commercial books, you can read the works which have already become a public domain and are kindly provided free of charge by our partners to Kyivstar subscribers who have decided to try the Service.
  3. If you use Wi-Fi or any other way of the Internet access, which differs from the above mentioned one, to use the Service – before reading a book you shall authorize yourself by entering your Kyivstar mobile phone number and password to be able to use Kyivstar entertaining and educational services. Authorization is not necessary to look though the Service content.
  4. If you are not yet registered at any Kyivstar entertaining and educational service, please, register before the Service authorization.
  5. You can cancel the Service any time. To cancel the Service, please, use the Service web interface or send the word “STOP” or “СТОП” (any letter case) by SMS 2665. In some time you will receive SMS confirming the Service deactivation.
  6. If you activate the Service not for the first time – you shall pay for the Service re-activation (7 UAH including VAT and excluding PF fee). You can do it via the Service web interface or send any text by SMS to the number 76779. You will be informed about the re-activation by SMS.

Service Using

Please, note: The subscribers using mobile access to the Internet via the access points and, pay for the Internet traffic according to the acting fees and charges for Mobile Internet XL. The subscribers using browsers Opera Mini or Opera Mobile pay according to their tariff plan.

  1. Follow the link at your mobile device.
  2. If you do not want to pay for the Internet data transmission (traffic) from the address to your mobile device — go to the page “Settings” and make sure that you have correct access points (APN) settings at your mobile device. Pay attention to the Internet browser you use for the Service access. If the access point (APN) settings are correct, the Internet traffic shall not be charged in the following browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, OVI Browser, Dolphin Browser, Nokia Series 60 Browser, Android Browser (default settings for Android mobile OS based devices). The Internet traffic charging can be influenced by automatic updating of your phone OS and usage of programs which are “saving”, “accelerating”, “optimizing” or “compressing” the Internet traffic (for example, Network Speed Booster, Android Booster Free, etc.), antivirus programs, VPN-clients as well as malware and spyware programs.
  3. At general pages such as “Bestsellers”, “New Books” or “Genres” choose the book you would like to read.
  4. Press “Read” button.
  5. By pressing the title of the book you will go to the book detailed description. You can start reading from the detailed description page. Press “Read” to do it.
  6. If you use Mobile Internet from Kyivstar service to access the Service the system shall identify your device automatically and you will see the cover and title of the book. In other cases, please, go to “Service Settings” section.
  7. If you choose the book you have ever read before and the system will successfully identify you – instead of the book cover you will see the page you have read last time.
  8. At any moment you can see all the books you have ever opened for reading even once if you choose "My Books" section of the menu.

To get detailed answers for your questions, please, read the rules of Service using.

Service Cost

  1. If you have activated the Service for the first time — you will be provided 7 days of free Service usage to estimate its advantages. You can cancel the Service any time. If you decided to do it, please, read the information at Service Settings section.
  2. Upon the termination of free 7 days period the weekly Service fee is 2.98 UAH.
  3. If your personal account balance is not sufficient to be charged a weekly Service fee you will be charged a daily Service fee in the amount of 0.43 uah.
  4. If your personal account balance is insufficient to be charged a daily Service fee, the access to the Service will be suspended for that day.
  5. If the system is not able to charge a daily Service fee from your personal account during 90 calendar days – the access to the Service is terminated. The Service is deactivated from the list of services provided to you.
  6. If you activate the Service not for the first time (you have disactivated the Service before or the Service has been automatically disactivated due to insufficient account balance as it is mentioned above in the point 5), you shall pay for a re-activation fee in the amount of 7.44 UAH. Upon re-activation the Service access fee (2.98 UAH. including VAT and PF fee) is charged at the day of re-activation. Thus the total amount of charges at the day of re-activation is 9.98 UAH. including VAT and PF fee. Next time the Service access fee is charged as usual.
Tariff fees and charges are indicated in UAH, including VAT and Pension Fund fee in the amount of 7.5 % of the service.