TVIY Optymum

250 UAH/4 weeks
8,93 UAH/dayestimated cost
Connect For Kyivstar subscribers
Buy a SIM card For new subscribers
Internet mobile
25 GB
+5 GB with superpower
Calls within Kyivstar network
Calls to other mobile in Ukraine and abroad Poland, Italy, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Israel, USA, Canada, China and India
200 мин
+100 мин with superpower
SMS to ukrainian numbers
Kyivstar TV

100+ channels without additional fee. Promotion: get 30 days free trial of 230+ channels.

no extra fee
Star Guard Lite
no extra fee
Government in smartphone Without queues, bureaucracy and unnecessary paperwork. more
Knowledge Read and watch all that you want
from included services.
We don’t charge your traffic. more
Social Communication and messengers Chat and share thoughts
on included social networks and messengers,
without data charges. more
Відео на ходу™ Дивіться улюблені фільми, серіали
та ТВ-канали з включених сервісів без
тарифікації трафіку. more
Video on the go™ Watch your favourite movies,
series and TV from the included services
without data charges. more

energy icon 1 Superpower to choose from at no extra charge

Superpower is one free service to choose from. It will operate on a permanent basis, you will be able to change it. Connect the tariff and then choose one of the superpowers
  • Home Internet

    Use the existing Kyivstar internet at no extra cost or our expert will come to you and connect everything.

    To activate this Superpower, please call 460 or reach out to the Kyivstar store.

  • Kyivstar TV
    Hundreds of channels and thousands of films, TV series and shows. Download the Kyivstar TV application and watch simultaneously on five different devices: a TV with the Smart TV feature, a smartphone, a tablet, a computer and a laptop.
  • 5 GB
    Additional gigabytes of mobile internet every 4 weeks.
  • 100 minutes to other networks and abroad
    Additional minutes for calls to other mobiles within Ukraine and to numbers in Poland, Italy, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Israel, USA, Canada, China and India every 4 weeks.
  • SIM for tablet
    One more SIM card for tablet or laptop. It can only be used for mobile internet. With a Superpower, you can use this service with no charge.
  • SIM for the second phone
    Second SIM with the same number for outgoing calls and mobile internet. With a Superpower, you can use this service with no charge.

Check the rest of everything in the tariff:


When you have used all megabytes and minutes:

Mobile internet
every day up to 10 packages of 100 MB
10 UAH/pack
Calls abroad
every day up to 50 packages of 100 minutes
20 UAH/pack
Calls to other Ukrainian mobile numbers
every day up to 3 packages of 3 minutes
3 UAH/pack
when the packages are over1,50 UAH/min
  • What is Superpower?
  • What plans have Superpower?
  • How to activate Superpower?
  • How to connect this tariff?
  • When is the daily fee charged and what does it include?
  • About calls abroad, to other mobile and landline numbers in Ukraine
  • About mobile internet
  • About SMS and MMS
  • Additional information
TVIY Vybir TVIY Maximum

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  1. Tap «Migrate to plan».
  2. Log in to the system.
  3. Confirm the migration to a new plan.
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  • Delivery throughout Ukraine: home,
    office or depots of the Nova poshta
  • Return cost of delivery to your mobile account
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TVIY Optymum

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