Free video streaming

Watch freely as many videos as you want using your favorite services — YouTube (with service YouTube Kids), Megogo, 1+1 videо, Київстар ТВ, Oll TV, Disney +, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix — without losing MBs in your plan.

Streaming freedom with VideoGo

Enjoy unlimited TV, music clips and videos for only ₴50/mo

Official Android or iOS app on your device is a must-have. Watch the latest trends in the world — hottest music and gaming videos, entertainment and news. Follow channels you like and share with friends.

On smartphone or tablet — there is always YouTube.

One of the world’s largest legal cinemas, which fits in your smartphone easily. Get access to the impressive collection of movies, TV series and cartoons without ads at no subscription fees.

Share real-time videos with your Facebook customers and friends. The creative tools of this app will make your video even more exciting, and make your friends happier.

Fb Live is the best way to watch the real emotions of your interlocutors.

Not only Ukrainian and world TV channels are available for you, but also a video library of famous movie studios. Music, sport, educational programs and cartoons — choose what you like the most.

All your favorite channels in the Divan.TV. Movies, cartoons and TV series in television of the future. It’s up to you to choose when and where to watch.

Unlimited access to the breathtaking movies, most popular TV Shows, your fav TV series and cartoons with no traffic charge. It's all on 1+1 video service. You choose what is next!

Watch online TV — 1+1 video.

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More about VideoGo

What is VideoGo?

VideoGo allows streaming to your mobile device any videos or channels you like in included services (YouTube, Facebook Live, Megogo, Divan.TV, 1+1 video and Home TV) without data charges. The list of services increases constantly, so stay tuned!

What is streaming?

Video and audio streaming is the way of listening music and watching video in Internet in real time without downloading files on your mobile device. Earlier to watch video or listen music one always had to download files on computer or telephone. New technologies allow watching and listening anything at once, as if music and videos were already on the device. Due to reliable and fast Kyivstar mobile internet you won’t feel the difference between listening or watching downloaded files and streaming them online. No search, choose and download files on telephone, tablet or player in advance needed. Any song, video or movie available wherever there is Internet.

How much VideoGocosts?

Internet-bundle VideoGo costs ₴50/mo.

How VideoGo bundle is charged?

  • The subscription fee charges in full after bundle purchased. The package will be activated within 24 hours after request.
  • The subscription fee for prepaid customers charges each month on the same day (from 00:00 to 03:00) when it was charged in the previous month, for postpaid customers – on the 1st of every month.
  • If there are not enough funds in your account to charge the next subscription fee, the cost of internet access starts to be under conditions of your price plan. Every next day the system will automatically check funds on your account. As soon as the amount of funds is enough to pay for the connected bundle, the subscription fee will be collected automatically. The date of the planned subscription fee charge will shift a month after the last charge. For postpaid customers the package volume will be added on the 1st of every month, the validity of the package – by the end of the calendar month in which it was added.

How to activate VideoGo?

Bundle VideoGo is available for prepaid customers with tariffs: TVIY Start, TVIY Vybir, TVIY Optimum, Tasty, “Kyivstar Comfort 2018”, “Kyivstar Calls 2018”, “Kyivstar Calls 2019”, “Kyivstar Always Online 2019”, “Kyivstar Online 2019”, “Kyivstar Online + 2019”,

Contract customers with tariffs Simple, Smart, VASH Vybir, VASH Region.

The service is not available for customers with the tariff plans with unlim for internet.

For business customers the service is available only for the tariffs: “Simple”, “Smart”, VASH Vybir, VASH Region.

Internet bundle can be connected via short-request *898*1#.

Will video streaming be limited to 2G speeds when I use all tariff megabytes?

Yes. VideoGo allows to stream music without draining your megabytes. Once using all megabytes in bundle data speeds may be slowed down.

Will traffic be charged when I watch video in social media apps?

VideoGo offers to stream video also from social network servers. Please note that third-party content on other websites may visually look exactly like content on social media servers. Such traffic from third-party sources will be charged.

Will traffic be charged if there is another content in the app (i.e. links to movie trailers)?

The offer applies only to video streaming. Other types of content like technical traffic, advertising counters or content of third-party sources will be charged.

Can I use VideoGo while in roaming?

VideoGo works only on Kyivstar network. Terms of using roaming services apply to you while travelling abroad.

How to deactivate VideoGo?

VideoGo can be deactivated via short-request *898*3#. The unused amount of megabytes will be cancelled.